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Belgium in UFO Photographs

Book reviews

The authors are nothing if not scrupulous, meticulous and exhaustive in analysing the pictures they consider . . . Overall, an extraordinary achievement; and indispensable for the impartial observer.

Peter BROOKESMITH (U.K.) in Fortean Times, No. 364 (March 2018)

Considering how the scenarios surrounding identified flying objects can inform how we make sense of unidentified objects, it's well worth your time. And here's a big plus - it's available for free.

Greg EGHIGIAN (U.S.A.) at (December 22th 2017)

I have just browsed your new book and am thrilled. Have you really succeeded in picking up and explaining vividly the UFO photo topic? This can be understood well beyond the Belgian borders! Class!

Hans-Jürgen KÖHLER CENAP (Germany)

. . . a meticulous analysis . . .  Each and every one of them is subjected to a thorough analysis and the conclusions are presented to the reader in clear language. The first volume of Belgium in UFO Photographs is a valuable tool.

Theo PAIJMANS (The Netherlands) in Skepter, Vol. 31, No. 1 (Spring 2018)

They don't limit themselves to a description of the incidents, but examine each and every case and photograph all over. In doing so they provide interesting historical info and background data that even longtime researchers were unaware of. . . . Top!!!

Hans-Werner PEINIGER (Germany) in JUFOF, No. 235, 2018

It is a very well researched document and, best of all, it is free. I highly recommend that all readers of SUNlite download and read this book.

Tim PRINTY (U.S.A.) in SUNlite (January-February 2018)

The result of this transnational collaboration is a textbook example of how to analyze UFOs in a rational way, using various technical skills to extract useful data to look for an explanation whenever this is possible.

Edoardo RUSSO, CISU (Italy) at

The most impressive aspect of this volume is its painstaking methodology. Even if you're not interested in little-known retro UFO cases in Belgium, the book is worth looking into just to see how the authors go about their investigations.

Robert SHEAFFER (U.S.A.) at

. . . how the authors approach their task . . . I applaud this philosophy wholeheartedly...the authors' logical and photogrammetric dissection of the evidence is inventive and seems impeccable...Their respect for the process of objective an example to other researchers: This is how we keep our tools oiled and honed, and by the way it is how we demonstrate to scientists in conventional disciplines that thoroughly sound work really can be done in ufology. The acuity of their investigation is forensic, the clarity of their analysis is salutary, and the quality of its presentation in this book is virtually impeccable. I recommend it to all who want to know what UFO photographs are really worth, and to those who simply want to see the best of 'citizen science' in action.

Martin SHOUGH (U.K.) in Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 32, Issue 1, 2018

Much is . . . of interest to us who work to investigate similar cases and...there are also classical theatrical images whose stories are explained in detail with subsequent investigation and conclusions.

Clas SVAHN, AFU (Sweden) at

Here's a great work.


Personal comments

I was thrilled by the work, it is unlike anything I have seen before...I look forward to reading the second volume.

Jacques BONABOT, GESAG (Belgium)

An impressive work for two reasons: on the one hand, the meticulousness and rigor of the process of documentation, analysis and discussion of almost four decades of photographic evidence of the "UFO phenomenon" in Belgium; on the other hand, the scarce, if not null, probative value that results from having that corpus of photographic records. Although the latter is something that, at this point, should no longer surprise us.


This is undoubtedly a wonderful book about the Belgian UFO photographs. A book that must be in the bookcase of any serious UFO researcher.

Frederick DELAERE, Belgisch UFO-meldpunt (Belgium)

Great work . . . Thanks a lot and felications with the work and for having made it freely available.

Gilles FERNANDEZ (France)

I am convinced that this book will be a landmark and I look forward to discovering it. It is really a must, which should almost impose the reading to any ufologist. You have written here one of the most important books in the history of ufology, which will become a classic and rightly so. I encourage everyone around to read it.

Patrick FERRYN, COBEPS (Belgium)

A great work, super job done by two dedicated European UFO researchers.


Very nice work.

Roger PAQUAY (Belgium)

Very good job!

Thiago Luiz TICCHETTI, CBU (Brazil)