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R e :   T h e   B O A C   L a b r a d o r   s i g h t i n g   o f   J u n e   2 9,   1 9 5 4
 Received : 11/21/09  Dr. David CLARKE   

Martin's report is a model of how retrospective 'cold case' investigation should be conducted and how, in some cases this can lead some hitherto unexplained UFOs to become IFOs....  read more 

 Received : 11/23/09  Don LEDGER   

High altitude balloons of that day were not of the size and volume of those sent aloft in the present.....  read more 

 Received : 11/23/09  Jenny RANDLES   

This is indeed a splendid case history and exactly the way forward for future research into specific high strangeness cases.....  read more 

 Received : 11/24/09  Graham HUBBARD   

An intriguing report, but what I found really astonishing is that apparently not one of the fifty-odd people and crew on board had a camera with them!?.....  read more 

 Received : 11/24/09  Jenny RANDLES   

I actually addressed this point in Something in the Air as it was one of the things we asked the air crew about when we did our interviews in the mid 90s because it occurred to me as a worthy question.....  read more 

 Received : 11/24/09  Peter BROOKESMITH   

For what it's worth, Charles BOWEN's account of the case in The Unexplained [page 7; also in The UFO Casebook (Orbis, 1984), page 9] had it that there was only one passenger on board with a camera handy, but he was asleep during the sighting. A few pints of champagne and ladlesful of caviare will do that for you, of course. I don't know what sources Charles based his account on; FSR [Flying Saucer Review - WVU] goes back only to 1955.

Wales, UK

["Peter Brookesmith is writer and publisher.

At different times in his life he has been - among a range of other activities - an advertising copywriter, putative literary critic and musicologist (his D. Phil thesis was on folk and rock music), editor of and consultant on highly illustrated more-or-less non-fiction publishing projects, record producer and occasional songwriter, publishing manager, designer of combat-oriented firearms training courses, and author of a somewhat eclectic collection of books that just pass muster as non-fiction. He has twice harangued the Oxford Union (Britain's second oldest University Union) on the non-existence of flying saucers and aliens in our midst, and lectured at various other gatherings on matters ranging from conspiracy theories to the blues (credit goes to for most of the foregoing particulars).

Like David CLARKE and Jenny RANDLES, Peter too is a regular contributor to Fortean Times. About half a dozen of Peter's books are on UFOs.]


 Received : 12/09/09  Joel CARPENTER   

Brilliant, brilliant work on the case! I can't tell you how much I admire that kind of research thoroughness.....  read more 

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