R e s e a r c h 

Next to verifying and evaluating reports of unidentified aerial phenomena, CAELESTIA has engaged itself in various specific research projects. The articles listed below are in one way or another connected with these projects.

Like most pages on the website, this page too is subject to alterations. Articles can be updated and new ones added, dependent on the collection of new information and the outcome of new investigations.

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Articles listed on this page may prompt readers to write down their personal remarks. CAELESTIA looks forward to receiving such feedback. Visitors who want to contribute in this way can contact us via the contact page. Please make sure to limit your remarks to one subject and to indicate whether your comments can be used integrally or only partly, with or without the mention of your name. When no conditions are specified, it is assumed that the received material can be used and disclosed as we feel appropriate.

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Supplementary information is also welcomed. This can be in the form of a self-authored article, a technical or theoretical paper, a sighting report, or a description of a personal experience.

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