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Over the years dozens of unique photographs found their way to CAELESTIA. Some of these show unusual natural phenomena captured on film by alert photographers, others depict extraordinary contraptions constructed by artists, inventors and other creative minds. The one thing the photographed subjects have in common is that, when the circumstances are right - or should we say wrong - they can bring uninformed witnesses to report spectacular UFO experiences.

Much of the photographic evidence investigators of UFO reports are confronted with, concerns pictures that have strange spots and shapes on them which were not observed with the naked eye when the shots were taken. Many of these "invisible UFOs" can be attributed to either film faults and lens-flares, or to small objects (such as insects, birds and pieces of paper) passing in front of the camera lens without the photographer being aware of it.

Next to objects and lights in the sky, anomalous geometric patterns have appeared in vegetation, on snow-covered land strips and on frozen rivers and lakes. Many such "traces" have been associated with UFO sightings, which is why we also included a gallery with pictures of natural and man-made ground markings that have the potential to create confusion.

And finally, we too have amused ourselves by creating our own "flying saucer" pictures. The result of our endeavours can be found under "Trickery".

This is not an exhaustive list of objects and phenomena that can be mistaken for UFOs. There exist several more transient natural phenomena that may also cause UFO reports but were never documented with reliable photographic evidence and which, for that reason, were not, or not yet, included in the galleries. Examples of such elusive natural anomalies are ball lightning, large quantities of airborne spider-web illuminated by sunlight, luminous barn-owls, and ignis fatuus (aka will-o'-the-wisps).


With the purpose of expanding our photographic database, we invite professional as well as amateur photographers to send in their own pictures of man-made oddities, photographic artefacts and natural wonders.


A good deal of the pictures presented on our website stem from the CAELESTIA archives and cannot be copied or used without our prior consent (see copyright notice on the contact page).

Considerable efforts were made to ask authors permission to use their photos. Unfortunately, copyright owners could not always be tracked down, and those who could did not always respond to our letters and mails. Authors who feel that their pictures were used unjustly, are therefore requested to contact CAELESTIA, so that their photos can be either omitted from the website or given the credentials and specifications they deserve.

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