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 Research : The Dark Blob Catalogue

similar sightings to the BOAC case

 Research : Triangles over Belgium

Belgian triangle photo hoaxed

 Picture Gallery : Insects

new gallery

 Research : French case re-opened

'Cloud cigar' over Saint-Prouant

 Light pillars : "Heavenly signs"

Light pillars over Bahrain

 Case Example : Sint-Martens-Latem

UFO armada over Belgium

 Case Example : Montreal revisited in 2010

Strange lights reappear after 20 years

 Picture Gallery : Observation & research balloons

new gallery

 Case Example : Andenes 2010

Auroral light bouncing off satellite?

 Case Example : Catalina Channel 1968

Mother ship over California

 Picture Gallery : Film and camera defects

new addition

 Picture Gallery : Light and laser beams

searchlights, light shows and laser beams

 Case Example : Mazamet 2009

strange fireball over South France

 Research : The BOAC Labrador sighting

a research report from Martin SHOUGH

 Case Example : Philadelphia 2008

fairy tale unmasked

 Visitor Response : Kaiserslautern 2004

new eyewitness !

 Picture Gallery : Unusual cloud shapes

vapourous sculptures

 Visitor Responses : Light pillars

spectacle in Philadelphia

 Case Example : Ticonderoga 1998

luminous peanut over Ticonderoga

 Visitor Responses : the ERNAGE case
helicopter theory thoroughly discussed 

[comments from witness Col. AMOND, 
Gen. DE BROUWER and several noted researchers] 

 Visitor Response : Viborg 1974

more odd clouds

 Picture Gallery : LENTICULARIS

Patagonian saucer

 Visitor Response : Montreal 1990

escaping lightbeams ?

 Case Example : Viborg 1974

jellyfish UFO photographed over Denmark

 Picture Gallery : VORTICES

spectacular vortices

 Case Example : Video from Iraq

night-vision footage of strange lights

 Picture Gallery : BALLOONS

several balloon galleries added !

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